Welcome to Celebration Focus! We’re glad you’re here.

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Celebration Focus is an outreach ministry of Celebration Church
in Huntington, West Virginia. Our goal is to strengthen families,
offer hope to those struggling, giving Christ-centered application
of love, joy and peace to couples who are getting started on
their journey! With focus on married couples, we offer practical
guidance on topics like the importance of making time for a date
night, struggling with loss, remembering our oath, listening and
(the big one) communication.


This site offers blogs, information, videos and a forum for opening
communication and support. We also are helping to host and raise
funds for Mission Haiti 2013, a recovery and mission trip assisting
the still-recovering country of Haiti with food, much-needed health
supplies, toys, clothes, care & attention that they have need of since
they have endured two massive earthquakes and a hurricane over
the course of 2 years that have left much of the country without  any
power or clean water.


_____________________________Our Home____________________________

Celebration Focus is an outreach ministry of  The Celebration Church in
Huntington, West Virginia.  We are community minded, family oriented
and foster a goal of truly reaching the world with the reality of the good
news of the gospel of Jesus and his love!

Celebration Church is located at 610 West 19th Street, Huntington, West
Virginia in the former Jefferson School Building.     Our service times are
Sunday Morning at 11AM and Wednesday Evening Bible study starting at
6PM.  Child and nursery care is provided. We also offer “Care Groups” on
the first and third Sunday evening of every month.

More information about service times is available. Feel free to email us
with any questions at info@celebrationfocus.net.

____________________________Our Belief_____________________________

As Christians, we believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ,   God’s son.
We believe that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth,
you will be saved. We believe that mankind is in need of a savior because
our world is desperate and sinful.    Jesus came to seek and to save us, as
we are lost and without hope outside of his grace.

We believe people have a purpose! Everyone needs to hear that they’re loved.
We all need to find a place in life.   At Celebration Church,   we know that our
past sometimes keeps us in a place where we feel we have no future. There is
forgiveness and mercy! We have all fallen and we are here to help each other
get back up!  You have a job to do and a mission to fulfill.


______________________________Our Heart______________________________

Our heart is for people. The Celebration Church’s Storehouse is a city and
community-wide mission to feed, provide clothing, blankets, toiletries, toys
household items, coats and assistance to those in need.  No one should go to
bed hungry.  No one should wonder what their child will get for Christmas!
We distribute to those in need because it’s the right thing to do!  It’s part of
our commission and we do it with joy!

_____________________________Our Goals____________________________

As the church grows, our ministries grow. We’ll be going to two services soon
after March of 2013, according to Pastor Steve last week! Our Celebration Focus
marriage ministry is planning new, exciting events to keep up with that growth.
Events to strengthen couples and families through biblical application and the
basics: communication and true love!  For more information about Celebration
Focus’ events, you can email us at info@celebrationfocus.net.




2 Responses to Welcome to Celebration Focus! We’re glad you’re here.

  1. Laura Chapman Adkins says:

    Very nice. Looking foreward to getting back in the groove. Miss you guys.

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